Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Where is Palapa Beach Resort located?

A: In the Caracasbaai, next to the Jan Thiel area.


Q: Is it far from the Airport?

A: The travel time from the airport to Palapa can be anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.


Q: Does Palapa Beach Resort have security?

A: Yes. We have 24/7 security on the property and is a gated resort.


Q: I am interested in buying Real Estate, how can I get in touch with the right person?

A: You can call to +599 9 515-0090, email to: or pass by the office located at the resort.


Q: I want to invest in Real Estate, what can I use it for?

A: Occupation, develop for sale or place it in the rental pool.


Q: What is the voltage used at Palapa Beach Resort?

A: All our power supply is 220V with European plugs.


Q: Are there Restaurants around the resort?

A: There are two restaurants, the Pier and Pirate Nest on a 5 minute walk. A 5 minute drive brings you in the Jan Thiel Beach area, here there are multiple options as well.


Q: How often does the maid come to clean?

A: Depending on your needs we can provide different packages. Basic cleaning and full turnover cleaning services. For long-term renters we have one mandatory cleaning and maintenance round every month.


Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount of nights I can book a stay at Palapa?

A: Two nights minimum up to multiple years contract. Palapa Beach Resort is mainly organized as a residential and vacation rentals resort.


Q: What kind of units can I rent?

A: The resort consist of 32 two-bedroom condo’s and 14 three-bedroom condo’s and Penthouses. All equipped with full kitchen, large walk in showers and/or jacuzzi.


Q: Where can I recycle my waste if I wish to?

A: Supermarket van der Tweel in Zeeburgia has a recycling station


Q: How do I get around in Curacao?

A: The best way to get around in Curacao is in your own vehicle. Taxi’s are available but pricy, public transport infrequent and unreliable. If you wish assistance with pre-booking your vehicle, please let us know and we will help you out.


Q: What are the hotspots of Curacao?

A: Visiting the island you have to visit Punda and Otrobanda, that make up for downtown. Nightlife is spread over the island but concentrated over three areas; Punda, Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel Beach. For an overview of events and parties you can visit


Q: What beaches do I have to visit?

A: Widely known as the best beach of the island is Kenepa Grandi. This beach is also listed in the top 25 beaches of the world. A trip here allows you to stop and see the pretty bays of the less inhabited west side of the island (locals call it ‘Bandabou’). You can surely not miss Mambo Beach, with its beautiful boulevard and nightlife. Our own Playa Caracasbaai is also know as one of the finest natural areas of the island.


Q: What currency is used on the island?

A: Curacao has its own currency, inherited from the time the island was still part of the  ‘Netherlands Antilles’, namely the Netherlands Antilles Florin (NAF). Widely accepted are American Dollars (1,80) and in some places Euro’s (around 2,00).


Q: Where can I find ATM machines, supermarkets and pharmacies?

A: ATM Machines:

  1. Pompstation Vanddis caracasbaai
  2. Botika Janwe
  3. Van Den Tweel Supermarkt .


Supermarkets near Palapa:

  1. Van Den Tweel supermarket
  2. Vreugdenhil Supermarket


Pharmacy near Palapa:

  1. Botika Janwe, phone: 461-7553
  2. Botika and Doctor’s Practice Sorsaka, phone: 736-6715


Q: What languages do the locals speak?

A: Most locals speak four languages; Papiamentu; Dutch; Spanish and English.


Q: Is Curacao safe?

A: Curacao is a very safe island, just like at home you need to use your common sense.

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